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The Clinical Research Department here at North Bay Eye is currently conducting a number of clinical trials and always looking for qualified patients to participate. If you view the attached study brochures and see something that may apply to a condition you have, please contact our Research Department for an assessment to see if you qualify to participate. 

We would be more than happy to speak with you!

Open Clinical Trials in Sonoma County

Glaucoma Surgery /Device 

            Equinox CP-019 Goggle Study

  • Safety and Effectiveness of Negative Pressure Applied by the Equinox Mercury Multi-Pressure Dial to Lower (IOP). Must be able to wear the device ≥3 hours per night.  No latex allergy. No prior Trab, tube/shunt. MIGS okay, ARMD okay. IOP  (On or off meds) ≥12 and ≤21. Visual Field 20/160 or better  ≥22.5 and ≤39.Visual Acuity 20/50 or better in study eye 20/160 or better in fellow eye

          Omni/Orion 06807 OMNI® Surgical System Standalone procedure

  • Ab-interno transluminal viscoelastic delivery and trabeculotomy using the OMNI Surgical System in Pseudophakic Eyes. Must be Pseudophakic. No prior Trab or Bleb, No Goniotomy or Suprachoroidal stent. SLT, iStent inject and Micropulse are okay. IOP (Off meds) 


Glaucoma Implants   


  • iDose Intraocular Travaprost Implant or patients with Ocular Hypertension or Open Angle Glaucoma, Phakic or Psudo on 2 or fewer glaucoma medications. Visual acuity of 20/80 or better. IOP 22-36 mmHg, Pachymetry between 480 and 620 microns. Visual Field Detect required or OAG patients, no steroids permitted.


  • SLT Binatoprost Sustained Release, biodegradable implants or patients with Ocular Hypertentsion or Open Angle Glaucoma that are non-compliant with their glaucoma medications. And are suitable candidates or SLT. Washout of current medications is required. No use of steroids, Pachymetry between 480 and 620 microns. IOP 22-34mmHg.

           Santen 5

  • EP2 receptor agonist with non-prostaglandin structure or non-responders to Latanoprost . Ocular Hypertension or Primary Open Angle Glaucoma patients, washout of current medications is required. No steroid use or history of SLT, ALT, MIGS,PK, PKK, or Lasik. Visual Acuity 20/80 or better, IOP off meds 22/34mmHg and Pachymetry 480-600 microns.


  • Brinzolamide Ophthalmic Solution vs. Azopt for Primary Open Angle Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension patients. No PEX or PIG, normal tension, angle closure or MIGS. No systemic steroid or high salicylate therapy within one month of the first visit. Washout is required. Pachymetry less than 620 microns. IOP 22-34mmHg.

        Aerpio AKB-9778-CI-OS-2001-0197 AKB-9778 Ophthalmic Solution 4.0%

  • AKB-9778 4.0% QD or BID, adjunctive therapy to Latanoprost. Washout Required.  No SLT, ALT, MIGS, PK, PRK, Lasik.  No steroids. IOP (Off meds) ≥22 and ≤34 Visual Acuity 20/80 or better.

 Dry Eye Disease

          Allergan 2007-301-005 NATF (011516X)

  • New artificial tear formulation (011516X) compared with Systane UltraMultidose. Restasis and Xiidra okay if  dose is stable. All OTC and Rx supplements/meds need to be stable use. No punctal plugs or cauterization within 6 months. IOP ≤21 Visual Acuity 20/30 or better OU.         

        Novartis CECF843A2201 ECF843 0.15mg/ml and ECF843 0.45mg/ml

  • Part 1: Double Masked ECF843 vs vehicle.Part 2: Open Label ECF843 vs Xiidra.Must have TBUT ≤ 5 seconds in at least one eye. Restasis, Xiidra and all corticosteroids require 30 day washout priot to screening.



  • Post Op drops for patients scheduled for cataract surgery. Washout for antihistamines, NSAIDS and steroids is required prior to surgery. No glaucoma drops. Visual Acuity 20/200 or better in yellow eye


  • Investigate the safety and preliminary efficacy of TRS01 eye drops as compared to placebo on participants with ocular inflammation after Cataract surgery. Participants must be over 18 and have undergone routine uncomplicated cataract surgery.


  • Post Op drops or cataract surgery. Patients with less than or equal to 2 glaucoma medications, must washout for steroids, NSAIDS and other pain relievers, topical or systemic. Visual Acuity 20/400 pinhole in operative eye and 20/200 in yellow eye. IOP 5-22mmHg prior to surgery.

       Salvat CLOBOF3-16IA01 SVT-15473 0.05% compared to placebo Post Op Drop

  • SVT-15473 Clobetasol Propionate Nanoemulsion 0.05%. No OAG or OHT, no systemic corticosteroid or immunosuppressants 2 weeks prior to surgery. Visual Acuity 20/160 or better



  • Patients with active blepharitis symptoms (irritation, redness, swelling and debris) and have yet been started on treatment. Candidates with moderate to severe dry eye are not suitable and no steroid use within 14 days. IOP 8-22mmHg in either eye.


  • Evaluating the safety and efficacy of NCX 470 Ophthalmic Solution in lowering intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma.



  • For patients with corneal endothelial dystrophy, Investigational New Drug TTXH1114(NM141) on regeneration of conreal endothelial cells. Visual Acuity 20/400 or better, 30 Day washout of Xiidra required, no corticosteroids, no refractive surgery in study eye


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