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A Vision of Hope

After six surgeries to his only seeing eye in the last 13 years, Mr. Cornelio Resendiz was running out of options. To Cornelio and his son Eduardo, a visit to the Lions Clinic, located at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, had become a monthly occurrence. Diagnosed with advanced glaucoma several years ago, Cornelio had already lost vision in his right eye and had only a small island of vision remaining in his left eye.

Clinical Research, an integrated care option for many patients.

At NBEA we view Clinical Research as an integrated care option for many of our patients. Studies indicate that patients participating in clinical research programs are more engaged in managing their personal health and suggest that an integrated approach to clinical research by healthcare providers may lead to a decrease in the total cost of care, improve population health and increase overall patient satisfaction.

NBEA is a Proud Sponsor of EarleFest 2015

North Bay Eye Associates is proud to be a sponsor of the Eight Annual EarleFest, a celebration of Americana music, being held from 11AM - 6PM Saturday September 26th 2015 on the beautiful grounds of the Earle Baum Center of the Blind 4539 Occidential Road in Santa Rosa, CA.

EarleFest is a fundraiser held annually to help sustain the crucial work of the Earle Baum Center of the Blind. 100% of the profits realized from the event are used to provide desperately needed services to blind and visually impaired people throughout Northern California.

Vital Tears

"Tears are the nobel language of eyes, and when true love of words is destitute. The eyes by tears speak, while the tongue is mute."

Tears play a special role in our lives as expressed in the quote above from the English poet Robert Herrick. But, tears also play a special role in maintaining good eye health.

5 Tips for Protecting your Eyesight as you age

The risk of vision loss increases with age. Some form of sight problem affects 15% of people 45 and older. Protecting our eyesight is one of the most important things we can do to maintain quality of life as we age.

Here are a few simple tips to help keep your eyes healthy:

1.   See your Primary Care Physician on a regular basis to check your blood pressure and for diabetes.

              These two diseases left untreated can cause serious eye issues

Cataract, Symptoms & Prevention

  Your sight is one of your most precious senses, allowing you to see all that life has to offer. Whether it is taking in the natural beauty of a gorgeous sunset, the exciting action of your favorite sport, or the sweet smiles of your family and loved ones, you count on your eyes to connect with it all. So it is especially important to be aware of the risks that threaten them. Your eyes and vision can be affected by a variety of diseases and other conditions.

Nutrition and Eye Health

   You can help keep your eyes healthier by eating foods that are rich in certain vitamins and nutrients. Colorfull fruits and vegetables that are bursting with Vitamin A, C, D, E beta-carotene and zinc will give your eyes a healthy boost. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish and flavonoids from tea, red wine and berries are great too.

   For more information on nutrition and eye health visit:  


What is a Refraction?

What Is an Eye Refraction Test?

The refraction test, also called eye test or vision test, is a simple procedure performed by an eye doctor to check a person's eyesight. The refraction test determines the prescription of contact lenses or eyeglasses.

Exciting New Diagnostic Equipment--OCT!

What is an OCT?

OCT stands for optical coherence tomography. This is a computerized imaging technique that uses laser light to make a 3D image of the retina. The OCT uses an array of light to rapidly scan the eye.These scans are interpreted and the OCT then presents an image of the tissue layers within the retina..

What will we use OCT for?

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