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The Importance of Sunglasses During Winter

The Importance of Sunglasses During Winter In the winter, your eyes need the protection of sunglasses just as much as they do during the summer. If you need regular sunglasses or Read More

Signs of Computer Vision

Signs of Computer Vision Also known as Digital Eye Strain, computer vision refers to a group of vision and eye-related disorders caused by prolonged computer, cell phone, or tablet use. Many Read More

Choosing The Right Glasses

Choosing the Right Glasses at North Bay Eye Associates Here at North Bay Eye Associates, we carry a wide selection of eyewear. This includes plastic and metal frames in many different Read More

Benefits of Polarized Glasses

Benefits of Polarized Glasses Have you been hearing about polarized glasses and are curious about the benefits they offer? Apart from helping you drive safely, polarized glasses also prevent eye conditions Read More

What is an OCT?

OCT stands for optical coherence tomography. This is a computerized imaging technique that uses laser light to make a 3D image of the retina. The OCT uses an array of Read More

What is a Refraction?

What Is an Eye Refraction Test? The refraction test, also called eye test or vision test, is a simple procedure performed by an eye doctor to check a person's eyesight. The Read More

Nutrition and Eye Health

       You can help keep your eyes healthier by eating foods that are rich in certain vitamins and nutrients. Colorfull fruits and vegetables that are bursting with Vitamin A, C, Read More

Cataract, Symptoms & Prevention

Your sight is one of your most precious senses, allowing you to see all that life has to offer. Whether it is taking in the natural beauty of a gorgeous Read More

5 Tips for Protecting your Eyesight as you age

The risk of vision loss increases with age. Some form of sight problem affects 15% of people 45 and older. Protecting our eyesight is one of the most important things Read More

Vital Tears

"Tears are the nobel language of eyes, and when true love of words is destitute. The eyes by tears speak, while the tongue is mute." Tears play a special role in Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 12 posts

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