5 Tips for Protecting your Eyesight as you age

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The risk of vision loss increases with age. Some form of sight problem affects 15% of people 45 and older. Protecting our eyesight is one of the most important things we can do to maintain quality of life as we age.

Here are a few simple tips to help keep your eyes healthy:

1.   See your Primary Care Physician on a regular basis to check your blood pressure and for diabetes.

              These two diseases left untreated can cause serious eye issues

2.   Be aware of the risk factors associated with eye disease.

              Family history of Eye disease?

              Over the age of 65?

               Afro-American over the age of 40?

3.   Be aware of any changes in your vision

               Double vision, hazy vision, frequent flashes of light, eye pain or swelling.

               All of these could indicate serious vision issues that need to be investigated by your eye doctor

4.   Eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise frequently and don't smoke.

5.   Wear sunglasses with proper UV protection.

There is never a guarantee that following these steps will totally avoid the risks of developing eye disease as we age, however, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, being aware of the warning signs and having a comprehensive eye exam at least every two years will most definitely help reduce your risk of developing an otherwise preventable eye problem.

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