July 2015

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Cataract, Symptoms & Prevention

  Your sight is one of your most precious senses, allowing you to see all that life has to offer. Whether it is taking in the natural beauty of a gorgeous sunset, the exciting action of your favorite sport, or the sweet smiles of your family and loved ones, you count on your eyes to connect with it all. So it is especially important to be aware of the risks that threaten them. Your eyes and vision can be affected by a variety of diseases and other conditions.

Nutrition and Eye Health

   You can help keep your eyes healthier by eating foods that are rich in certain vitamins and nutrients. Colorfull fruits and vegetables that are bursting with Vitamin A, C, D, E beta-carotene and zinc will give your eyes a healthy boost. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish and flavonoids from tea, red wine and berries are great too.

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